iPad Gag Apps Missing

There's no iPad version of iFart Mobile, Koi Pond, iBeer or Bubble Wrap -- yet. These simple, time-wasting apps are among the most popular programs for the iPhone & iPad Touch, but there is no sign of anything like them in the top downloads section of the App Store.

So is the shit app dead on the iPad? It is early to know for sure, mostly because none of the apps I mentioned above are even available in iPad form yet. In the meantime, it is possible that iPad owners are downloading the iPhone versions of these apps & jogging them in pixel-doubled mode, which would not be reflected in the App Store charts.

Nonetheless, the iPad appears to be a different beast than the iPhone in terms of what people are downloading. The top five paid apps on the iPad charts are Pages, Numbers, Keynote (all from Apple's iWork productivity suite), GoodReader and Real Racing HD. The top five free apps are iBooks, ABC Player, Netflix, USA Today and WeatherBug Elite.

For comparison, let's look at the current top five paid and free iPhone apps. On the paid side, there's The Simpsons Arcade, Doodle Jump, Monopoly, Big Button Box Pro (a soundboard) and MLB.com At Bat 2010. The current top performing free apps are The Impossible Test (a touch-based reaction game), MicroCars, the historic events calendar On This Day, Batter Up Baseball and the silly picture mash-up program PhotoChop.

The difference is clear: iPad apps are more serious. There's fewer games in the charts & no mindless diversions. Having spent the weekend with an iPad, it makes sense. After using the iPad for a few hours, the iPhone feels like a toy. It is conducive to apps of little consequence. But the iPad is more like a computer. You need to watch videos & read books on it, & perhaps even get some work completed. Bookmark and Share