Netbook Accessories

Netbook ( also called mini-laptops ) is famous for its small enough so that you can take them wherever you go. But net book was not a lot of useful features that are usually found in desktop PC.

Here are five laptop / Netbook accessories you should have on your laptop / Netbook.

1. External USB DVD player and burner

Mini laptop biggest loss is that they do not have an optical drive. You can not play your favorite CD or DVD, or install software from a cd, on them. Even more important is that it can be difficult to solve the problem or reinstall the operating system on a mini laptop without the external DVD player and burner. DVD drive the best you can buy are those USB drive. Why? Because they do not need a power outlet to use it. You only need to plug one to your mini laptop USB port.

2. Flash memory card and flash disk

Except for the pricier and upper-class models, most mini laptop comes with limited memory. But you can always expand your storage with a memory card. Mini laptops usually have built-in memory card reader. Flash disk is also another important accessory for storing small files. Flash disk can typically store up to 2GB of data.

3. USB External Hard Drive

You will need an external hard drive when you are dealing with large amounts of data, or if you need to backup your data. External hard drive is usually about two inches thick and storing 120GB of data. With USB 2.0 interface, you do not need the power adapter to use an external hard drive, you just need to plug in a USB port.

4. Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Because the mini laptop has a small keyboard, would be very uncomfortable if you use it for a long time. Users are often associated with their mini-laptop with external keyboard and mouse.

5. Wireless Router

You will need a wireless router to connect to the internet mini laptop when you are at home. Bookmark and Share

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