Acer 10 inch Windows 7 Tablet Review & Specs

Acer Company has announced will be release their first 10.1-inch Windows 7 Tablet. This tablet name has not announced so we can called Acer 10-inch Windows 7 Tablet. Acer 10-inch Tablet designed with optimal ergonomics, very thin and light with measures 15mm thick and weight 2.2 pounds.

The Acer 10-inch Windows 7 Tablet will be comes with AMD dual-core C-50 Ontario APU (or accelerated processing unit) which consumes just 9W of power, built-in Radeon HD 6250 graphics chip, and two 1.3MP cameras, one rear and one front-facing, allowing you to record video, take pictures, chat and videoconference.

Acer Windows 7 Tablet also has features Wi-Fi, 3G connectivity, with a dock that sports a full-size keyboard, HDMI port capable of outputting 720p HD video and ability to playback Flash 10.1 content.

here's specs of Acer 10-inch Windows 7 Tablet:
* 10.1-inch display with high resolution
* 15 mm thickness
* weighs 2.2 pounds by(or 1 kg)
* AMD processor Silicon
* Dock
* Detachable Keyboard Dock(the row in the pic on the Dock? This is it)
* 1.3 Camera, front and rear faces
* Wi-Fi
* 3G Bookmark and Share

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Roark said...

What an amazingly good photo of this Acer tablet. When was this posted?

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